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  Name  Active Learning Lab (ALL)

  Founded  November 1, 2012


     President   Takuo Shigeta
  Academic Advisor Gary H. Tsuchimochi
  Fellow Shiki Kurabe
  Fellow Toru Nakanishi
  Fellow Miho Funamori
  Fellow Izumi Sekizawa
  Fellow Toshiyuki Miyahara
  Fellow Akinori Taruma
  Fellow Toshio Nakaki
  Fellow Hiroki Kobayashi
  Fellow Shohei Sakai
  Honorary Fellow Rob Lipps
  Researcher   Masayo Ohmura 
  Researcher    Hironori Nishiwaki 


  -Study of active learning practice and theory at the universities and schools around the world.
  -Publication of books and bulletins regarding active learning and student engagement.
  -Research on IT application for active learning.
  -Study of bridge action over educational gap between high school and higher educational entities.
  -Planning and holding seminars/meetings for higher education society.

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